oh yeah disney faves

a compilation of everyone's favorite things about walt disney world. :)

AHHHH seriously I'm an addict!
just wanted to let you knoww!

thank you! sooo much! :D i’ll be able to begin posting things again as soon as everyone gives me some more ideas and suggestions. :) i’m trying to come up with some on my own as well. :))

sademartinez-deactivated2011042 asked: ive gone to disneyworld about 6 times, the first few i can hardly remember but i know it was amazing.. then the last time i went (last summer).. i didnt want to leave <3 i love everyyythinnngg
i love the shops
the way disneyworld looks
the rides
the staff
:) i just love it, and ur blog reminds me of what a great summer i had, thanks ^_^

of course! i’m so glad you’re such a disney fanatic like me. :) that makes me so happy! 

Anonymous asked: Where do you do the pictures? :O

like, where do i create them? i create them using photoshop, and a very basic typewriter font. i’m going to school for design, however, so using new color schemes won’t be difficult to figure out. :)

hey, followers! 

sorry about the delay posting more pictures. i’m trying to figure out a new layout and color scheme for the photos, as i have gotten complaints regarding the color scheme being a bit too blinding, and i want to make sure that everyone is completely happy with the way they look. stand by! 

paintmeapicture asked: Like 3 or 4 times.
My parents can't really afford to take me to Disney all the time.
But everytime I go it is another magical experience. (:

always will be. :) i hope you have fun every time you go in the future!

Anonymous asked: Do you know how i could get disney pins on my special day? Ex: First Visit, Happy Birthday, etc. :D

sure! great question! :D go to the customer service center at any of the parks, and simply ask about it there. :) however, if you want it before your trip, i would advise taking a peek on eBay. that’s what we did the last time we went (it was going to be my birthday), and i got to have it before we even went. :) hope this helps! 

paintmeapicture asked: I would just like to say that I adore your blog. I love Disney. Everything about it. I don't get to go that often, but when I go it's always a new magical experience that I never forget. (:

awww, thank you so much! i’m glad you’re enjoying it and that i (and everyone of my followers) can help you relive the magic. how many times have you been there? :D 

sorry i was gone for so long, ladies and tramps—i had some family things to attend to. but hopefully it gave everyone a chance to think of some new things to add to the blog! today will be the start of me being able to upload at least once per day again. yay! :D excitement! 

now, bibbidi boppidi boo! i send you all off to message me your favorite disney memory. :D 

see ya real soon!